The death toll from torrential rain in southwestern Japan rose to 56 on Tuesday, as disaster-affected areas widened to the northern Kyushu region, with tens of thousands of defense troops and other rescue workers mobilized to search for those missing and help people evacuate.

Here is a collection of photos and aerial footage captured by Kyodo News photographers:

Fukuoka Prefecture

A swollen Chikugo River in Asakura on July 7. (Kyodo) 
Self-Defense Forces personnel evacuate residents by boat in Omuta on July 7. (Kyodo)
A woman and her pet dog are rescued from a flooded area in Omuta on July 7. (Kyodo)
A man walks on a flooded street in Omuta on July 7 (Kyodo)
A man is rescued by police after his vehicle became stuck on a road in Omuta on July 7.(Kyodo)

Kumamoto Prefecture

A scene of devastation shows debris in a residential area in Kuma on July 7. (Kyodo)

Fifteen-year-old Rentaro Aoki helps clear up the wreckage of a classmate's house in Hitoyoshi on July 7. (Kyodo)
Japanese Self-Defense Forces personnel wade through mud during search and rescue operations in Tsunagi on July 7. (Kyodo)
People walk in a torrential downpour in flood-ravaged Hitoyoshi on July 7. (Kyodo)