Kyodo News Plus is an online publication delivering the latest news from Japan together with those stories from around the globe in which Japan plays a key role. Centering on content provided by Kyodo News, Japan’s leading news agency, our publication keeps readers abreast of the developments coming out of Japan that interest and influence, here and abroad.


Start with the breaking story and then go further. Kyodo News Plus takes readers past the front page to provide a deeper look at modern Japanese culture, lifestyles, and events, in order to bring to light those stories, and those people, that shape them. Adding this content to the latest news, readers can be better informed about, and more rewardingly engaged with, Japan the country, its culture and its people.


In addition to bringing readers the latest reports from Kyodo News, Kyodo News Plus publishes original features covering life, culture, entertainment, and sport in Japan. These themes are covered at local and national levels, in forms that are classic and alternative. Partnerships with media from Japan and abroad further add to this coverage. Our media partners bring their own perspective, voice, and insight to each theme, furthering our publication’s ability to engage and inform.


Digital Contents Team

Kyodo News, World Services Section

Tokyo, Japan