Games organizers have chosen cherry blossom pink as the color of road signs to designate Games lanes that will be used to transport key participants, like athletes and officials, to help ensure that they get to their destinations on time.

On Friday, organizers said about 2,200 signboards and 1,200 pavement markings with a design featuring a bus icon, and "TOKYO 2020" logo will be placed along the 1,360 kilometer Olympic Route Network, with installation work to begin next month.

The cherry blossom is Japan's unofficial national flower.

Transport disruptions are expected to be widespread in Tokyo, not only affecting spectators but commuters and residents. Organizers are hoping the graphic signs will help reduce congestion during the July 24-Aug. 9 Olympics and Aug. 25-Sept.6 Paralympics.

To keep traffic moving on the priority routes, Tokyo will implement temporary changes to the way some roads operate for the 2020 Games.

For example, tolls on Tokyo's Metropolitan Expressway will be adjusted for private vehicles during the Summer Games, charging more when events are held and less in the early hours.

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