KYOTO - Preparation of unique signboards for Kabuki performances is under way in Kyoto for an annual year-end event featuring all-star Kabuki actors.
The names of top Kabuki performers are being written on 1.8-meter-long "maneki" signboards at Myodenji Temple by calligrapher Gyokusei Inoue in "kantei-ryu" bold font, using a mixture of ink and sake for the purpose of purification.

Signboards under preparation at Myodenji Temple.
Big names set to appear at the "kaomise kogyo" Kabuki show opening at Kyoto Minamiza Theater on Dec. 4 for a run through Dec. 25 include Kataoka Nizaemon, a living national treasure, along with Nakamura Ganjiro, Kataoka Ainosuke and Nakamura Shido.
"I hope the plaques will help attract many people to the year-end program and liven up Kyoto," Inoue said.
This year's "kaomise kogyo" event will last five days shorter than the pre-coronavirus pandemic days, like in the preceding two years, but almost all seats at the theater will be opened after limiting their use to 50 to 60 percent in the two years prior.
The signboards will be set up in front of the theater on Nov. 25.