New ozeki Takakeisho pulled out of the ongoing Summer Grand Sumo Tournament for a second time on Monday after aggravating a right knee injury.

Takakeisho initially hurt his knee in a bout against Mitakeumi last Wednesday and it worsened after he made a seemingly ill-advised comeback to the tournament on Sunday, falling to Aoiyama.

(Takakeisho (R) gets slapped down by Aoiyama on Day 8)

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He will lose Monday's scheduled bout against sekiwake Tochinoshin by default. It is extremely rare for an ozeki wrestler to forfeit two bouts in one tournament.

Through Sunday, Takakeisho had a record of three wins, three losses and two rest days.

A losing record at this meet will leave Takakeisho battling to avoid demotion from sumo's second-highest rank of ozeki at the Nagoya meet in July.