Episode 42: Akira Toriyama and Dragon Ball

Akira Toriyama's works were loved in Japan and abroad.

Three Kyodo News reporters -- Horiuchi-san, Eduardo and Donican -- talk about Toriyama, creator of the "Dragon Ball" anime and manga series, who died in March. Listen as they discuss their favorite characters from the Dragon Ball series, and about Toriyama's legacy around the world.

Article mentioned in the podcast:

Akira Toriyama, creator of "Dragon Ball" manga series, dies at 68

Kyodo News presents a bilingual podcast for English learners about the ins and outs of news writing and how to translate tricky Japanese phrases into English. Have fun listening to journalists discuss recent articles as they occasionally go off on unrelated tangents.

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Figures of characters from the Japanese manga "Dragon Ball" are on display at a figure shop in Seoul on March 8, 2024. The manga series is the best known work of Akira Toriyama, a monumental figure in the Japanese manga and anime world, who died of an acute subdural hematoma on March 1, aged 68. (Kyodo) ==Kyodo