Episode 24: Japan's tallest skyscraper

It's as tall as Tokyo Tower!

Three Kyodo News reporters –- Yamaguchi-san, Toma and Horiuchi-san -– talk about the 330-meter-high Azabudai Hills Mori JP Tower, Japan's tallest skyscraper, which opened in Tokyo last month. Listen to Yamaguchi-san, who went to the building for its opening, tell the others about the facilities within the complex while they share their experiences regarding other sky-high global landmarks.

Article mentioned in the podcast:

Japan's 330-meter tallest skyscraper Azabudai Hills opens in Tokyo

Kyodo News presents a bilingual podcast for English learners about the ins and outs of news writing and how to translate tricky Japanese phrases into English. Have fun listening to journalists discuss recent articles as they occasionally go off on unrelated tangents.

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The Azabudai Hills Mori JP Tower (back, L), Japan's newly-built tallest skyscraper at a height of 330 meters, stands in Tokyo's Minato Ward on Nov. 24, 2023. (Kyodo) ==Kyodo