An event featuring dinosaurs running along a beach in support of children battling physical and mental health issues was held earlier this month at Ariake Beach in Kanonji.

Roughly 120 people, including children, from within Kagawa Prefecture and beyond took part in the T-Rex Race in Ariake Beach dressed in dinosaur costumes on Nov. 3.

Adorned in vibrant colors, the dinosaurs thrilled spectators as they energetically moved their short arms and legs while twisting their bodies along the sand.

The race originated in the United States and is now held throughout Japan.

Participants in the T-Rex race dash toward the finish line at Ariake Beach in Kanonji.

Organized by the T-Rex Race in Kagawa executive committee led by Yukiho Kawaguchi, the event has gained popularity since its inception last year. Entries were open from September and reached maximum capacity within a week.

With the guiding principle of bringing a smile to the faces of struggling children, the event extended special invitations to four families with children who had experienced extended hospitalization or prolonged absence from school.

The festivities commenced with participants engaging in radio calisthenics. Next, they were categorized into three groups: adult male, adult female, and children. The participants then embarked on an 88-meter race, named after the 88 sacred places on Shikoku Island.

While some charged straight toward the finish line, others succumbed to the force of their momentum, eliciting hearty cheers from onlookers.

Kimika Teraji, a nurse from Kyoto, said, "It was fun to be among T-Rexes in various outfits. This is my first time coming to Kagawa. I don't usually have a chance to see the ocean, so it's a good memory for me to run along the beautiful sandy beach."

Kawaguchi emphasized the success of the event in supporting children facing difficulties, saying, "High school students who have been out of school joined the management staff and did a great job."

The T-Rex Race in Ariake Beach, held for the first time in November last year, won the bronze award at the JACE Event Awards held in June by the Japan Association for the Promotion of Creative Events to honor outstanding events.

The Shikoku Shimbun

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