Six members of Naoshima EGG, a collective comprising local elementary and junior high school students who show foreign tourists around the island town of Naoshima in English, ventured into the role of tour guides for the first time last month.

The children put their acquired knowledge from English conversation classes to the test as they showcased Naoshima's attractions, including its art and architecture, while also fostering bonds of friendship with visitors from abroad.

Naoshima EGG operates as an educational initiative led by the town's board of education, aiming to enhance students' English proficiency through interactions with foreign tourists.

Members of Naoshima EGG convey the attractions of Naoshima to foreign tourists in English. 

The group currently comprises a total of 20 students from fifth graders in elementary school to third graders in junior high school. English conversation instruction is provided by language staff who work at local elementary and junior high schools.

The six group members made their debut as guides on July 8, working in pairs to introduce foreign visitors to places like the Minamidera art house project and Naoshima Hall.

Despite initial nervousness, the guides quickly found their footing and engaged the attentive foreign visitors, posing questions like "What brought you to Naoshima?"

Yutaka Kondo, 13, a second-year student at Naoshima Junior High School, said with a smile, "Engaging in conversations with foreign visitors was an enjoyable experience."

The Shikoku Shimbun

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