The Immigration Services Agency of Japan said Tuesday it will give foreigners with periods of stay expiring in July a three-month extension to renew, in a bid to alleviate congestion at immigration counters amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The agency had earlier granted a three-month grace period for foreigners whose residency status or period of stay expired between March and June, including short-term stayers such as tourists.

The measures were introduced after immigration counters nationwide were crowded with foreigners, including short-term stayers, applying for extensions to their stay in Japan, with some of them unable to return home due to tighter border controls across the globe.

With Japan's state of emergency extended to the end of May, the measures are now expanded to include those with periods of stay expiring in July.

The agency has said foreigners who are unable to return home will not be treated as illegal overstayers for 90 days after the expiry date of their visas.