The chairman of Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Inc. will step down as a director of Japan's all-female music theater company Takarazuka Revue and its training school following the death of one of its actresses, a source close to the matter said Monday.

Kazuo Sumi. (Kyodo)

Kazuo Sumi's exit as of Thursday is seen as taking management responsibility after Hankyu Hanshin, the revue's parent company, acknowledged the 25-year-old actress had been subjected to harassment and conveyed to the bereaved family his intention to apologize.

The actress was found dead on the premises of her condominium on the morning of Sept. 30 in what police suspect was suicide.

The troupe released a report in November, admitting she was under a heavy psychological burden due to long working hours and scolding by senior members. But it said it did not confirm bullying or harassment.

Following criticism from the bereaved family, the parent company conducted an internal probe and acknowledged harassment had taken place.

Sumi has been a director of the revue since March 2014. In December, he stepped down as president of the Takarazuka Music School but has been one of its directors since.

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