A popular white-handed female gibbon recently died at Kyoto City Zoo.

Kuromaty, estimated to be 39 years old, succumbed to intestinal obstruction on Feb. 9, according to the zoo.

Popular white-handed gibbon Kuromaty. (Photo courtesy of Kyoto City Zoo)

The gibbon had been with her male companion Shiromaty for around 37 years and was much loved by visitors to the zoo since she arrived there in May 1986.

Kuromaty (L) and Shiromaty. (Photo courtesy of Kyoto City Zoo)

Kuromaty gave birth in 1999, but the child died in 2008. She had been vomiting since the morning of Feb. 7 and died on the afternoon of the 9th.

Kuromaty is pictured hanging from a tree. (Photo courtesy of Kyoto City Zoo)

The Kyoto Shimbun

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