The organizer of a music event in Japan at which popular South Korean performer DJ Soda was allegedly groped by audience members plans to file a criminal complaint against the suspects possibly next week, sources close to the matter said Friday.

TryHard Japan, which organized the music festival held for three days through Sunday in Sennan, Osaka Prefecture, is considering submitting a complaint, including charges of indecent assault, to prefectural police even as the suspects have yet to be identified, the sources said.

Supplied photo shows DJ Soda. (Kyodo)

DJ Soda, who has more than 5 million Instagram followers, took to social media a day after the event to slam unidentified individuals, including a woman, who she said touched and grabbed her breasts when she descended the stage to interact with fans at the music festival on Sunday.

The renowned DJ and model in her posts included photos of fans reaching across security fencing and appearing to touch her arms and chest. In the commotion, she said, it was a woman who grabbed her breasts harder than any of the other festivalgoers.

TryHard Japan issued a statement Tuesday stating its intention to take legal action against the individuals involved.

The groping claims by DJ Soda, which have spread throughout the internet, have sparked criticism of Japan's apparent leniency toward sexual harassment while also prompting discussion on her revealing attire.

In response to some users who blamed her for wearing skimpy clothes, DJ Soda said in a follow-up post earlier this week that "no matter what clothes I wear, sexual harassment and assault cannot be justified."

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