Two 20-year-old men surrendered to police Monday in connection with an incident where popular South Korean artist DJ Soda was allegedly groped by attendees at a recent music event in Japan, according to investigative sources.

DJ Soda. (Photo courtesy of Eight Bulls Corporation)(Kyodo)

Two men believed to be the suspects appeared in a YouTube video post the same day, apologizing for the incident while adding they were drunk when it happened and did it "lightheartedly."

Earlier in the day, the organizer of the event, held in Osaka Prefecture, filed a criminal complaint against two men and a woman on suspicion of indecent assault against DJ Soda on Aug. 13, the police said without identifying the three individuals.

"We take this incident very seriously, as sexual crimes are inexcusable," said Rakuyo Otsuki, chief executive of the organizer TryHard Japan, during a press conference in Osaka.

Yoichi Hiraoka, the firm's chief operating officer, said, "We feel responsible for not securing Soda's safety. We will fully support her."

DJ Soda, who has more than 5 million Instagram followers, has taken to social media to slam the unidentified individuals she said touched and grabbed her breasts when she descended the stage to interact with fans at the music festival.

The company submitted to the police photographs and clips of the artist being purportedly assaulted by the three individuals as evidence.

While some online blamed DJ Soda for wearing skimpy clothes, she responded in a follow-up post that "no matter what clothes I wear, sexual harassment and assault cannot be justified."

"We will take necessary measures" regarding the negative comments against DJ Soda, Hiraoka said.

Rakuyo Otsuki (C), CEO of TryHard Japan, speaks during a press conference in Osaka on Aug. 21, 2023. (Kyodo)

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