Tokyo confirmed 87 daily coronavirus cases Monday, marking the first time since November last year that the count has fallen below 100, as the capital continues to see a steady decrease in infections.

A state of emergency that covered Tokyo and 18 prefectures ended on Thursday. Tokyo confirmed a record 5,773 cases on Aug. 13.

The seven-day rolling average in Tokyo stood at 196.7 per day, compared with 341.6 a week earlier, the metropolitan government said. The number of hospitalized patients with severe symptoms fell by 11 from Sunday to 77.

Infection figures tend to be lower on Mondays as fewer hospitals and clinics are open on weekends.

It is the first time since 87 cases were logged on Nov. 2 that the capital has seen infections in the double digits.

But concerns remain over the strain on the medical system as the number of hospitalized patients has been decreasing at a slow pace.