A temple in Kyoto has set up a committee to open a branch in space in cooperation with a satellite development company by installing Buddhist objects on a satellite scheduled to be launched in 2023.

The idea came after members of the temple expressed the need for prays for peace and safety to transcend regional and national boundaries, the Buddhist temple, Daigo-ji, said.


It has named the temple in space "Jotenin Gouun-ji," combining the Buddhist terms "go" and "un" that mean the flow of a great time and the elements that form human existence.

The satellite will carry objects symbolizing Buddhism, such as statues and pictures of Buddha, to serve as a spiritual center for those praying on Earth.

Daigo-ji conducted a Buddhist service in February to pray for peace and safety in the universe for the first time. The temple plans to hold such services periodically, it said.

"After launch, we would like to spread the world of prayer using the satellite, such as by holding Buddhist services while viewing images sent from space," an official of the temple said.

The Kyoto Shimbun

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