A coronavirus testing center will open next month at Narita airport near Tokyo, enabling departing travelers to obtain a certificate for a negative test result within two hours, the operators said Thursday.

Two facilities will be set up on Nov. 2 at two terminal buildings at the airport mainly for people departing Japan, Nippon Medical School Foundation and Narita International Airport Corp. said in a press release.

The center will conduct polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, tests for a fee, and issue the certificates needed for the points of destination.

Atsuhiro Sakamoto. (Kyodo)

Certificates can also be provided for people who tested negative before arriving at the airport, as long as they bring the results of their test or a medical referral letter.

Initial tests and publication of certificates will take longer than two hours during November as it will take time for the lab to get up and running.

"The center will be capable of testing 700 people per day, and we will respond to further demand by increasing the number of doctors and nurses," Atsuhiro Sakamoto, head of the foundation, said at a press conference Thursday.

"We will fully support the framework for people departing the country," he added.

No advance bookings are required, but travelers with an appointment can get tested and obtain a certificate for 39,800 yen ($380), lower than the 46,500 yen charged for those without a reservation.

The center will be open 24 hours, seven days a week, but testing and the issuance of certificates in the early morning hours and at night will be subject to additional fees.

People other than departing passengers can also get tested, but those with symptoms of fever or a cough will not be accepted.