East Japan Railway Co. on Thursday unveiled to the media the completed test model for next-generation shinkansen bullet trains.

The 10-carriage ALFA-X train has a sleek 22-meter nose on the No. 10 car and a 16-meter nose on the No. 1 car. JR East will analyze pressure and sound differences between the two noses when the train enters tunnels to determine the most suitable design.

The test train is expected to run at a speed of 360 kilometers per hour, 40 kph faster than previous models, and JR East plans to push the train to speeds of 400 kph during the test runs starting later this month.

JR East aims to put the new train into operation by the spring of 2031.

The silver test train has been jointly manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. (cars 1-6) and Hitachi Ltd. (cars 7-10).