On the coastal area in eastern Tokyo sits Minato City. It carries a sophisticated and luxurious air like no other, drawing admiration from many Japanese who wish to visit and live there at some point in their lives.

The city has so many faces that cater for all. Toranomon, Shimbashi and Shiba form Japan's leading business district. Aoyama and Omotesando provide a luxurious shopping experience with streets full of high brand shops. Try Roppongi for world renowned nightlife. Exclusive residential areas such as Azabu and Shirokanedai are many celebrities' picks. Shiodome and Daiba are leisure areas with grand waterfront scenery.

You can also enjoy a touch of history and nature here and there with sites of historic interest and well-maintained parks dotted around. Among them are Togu Gosho, the crown prince's residence, and the Akasaka Palace, the state guesthouse to receive foreign VIPs. With lush greenery, Zojoji temple serves as mausoleum of the Tokugawa family with which its shogunate governed the country for about 260 years through the mid-19th century.

With such a quiet environment as well as the feel of an advanced city, Minato City attracts not only Japanese but many guests from overseas.

Thanks to its comforting surroundings, embassies and foreign companies alike have offices in the area, with foreign residences constituting about 10 percent of its population.

If you have chance to come to Tokyo, why don't you step into the "Minato City area," full of charm for grown-ups. You will get a glance of Tokyo like you have never seen.

At the foot of Tokyo Tower, a symbol of the megalopolis, the scenery makes your journey unforgettable. And with such a new, rich experience it will surely make you love Tokyo more than ever.