Two professional baseball players have participated in posting a video in which one of the players is naked, their team, the Yomiuri Giants said Wednesday.

Pitcher Shimpei Shinohara and catcher Genki Kawano were having a private party with men and women at a drinking establishment that started Sunday night. Using his smartphone, Kawano took a video of Shinohara stripping off his clothes and uploaded it to his Instagram photo-sharing social media account.

(Shinohara picks up his first career win on April 19, 2017.)

Access to the video was restricted and Kawano is said to have deleted the post before noon Monday.

Japan's oldest existing pro baseball team, the Giants have a strict code of conduct and even ban players from having facial hair. The team will decide on punishment after confirming that the players violated a rule prohibiting improper acts that might bring public condemnation on the team.

"Publishing inappropriate videos is a violation of team rules and we sincerely regret this," the team announced. "We will instruct and develop the players to prevent a recurrence."