Yoshiharu Habu on Tuesday became the first ever player to become the honorary champion of all seven major titles of shogi, a board game also known as Japanese chess.

The 47-year-old shogi master achieved the feat by capturing the Ryuo title for the seventh time in total with a win over title holder Akira Watanabe at a tournament held in Kagoshima Prefecture, southwestern Japan.

Habu, a Saitama Prefecture native, became a professional player in 1985 and solidified his status as a legendary champion during the 1990s.

What is Shogi?

Shogi, sometimes referred to as "Japanese chess," is a board game for two players, in which the object is to use your 20 pieces to capture your opponent's king.

The game is popular in Japan, with an estimated 20 million people able to play and a professional association running major tournaments throughout the year.

Shogi can trace its roots back hundreds of years, and is thought to have originated from a game played in India.

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