Popular figure skating anime, “Yuri!!! on ICE” is now the theme of an official seichi junrei (holy pilgrimage) tour guiding fans around spots featured on the award winning anime, set in Kyushu, southwestern Japan.

Organizers TASCI TOURS, who are operated by Avex Travel Creative, are running the collaboration tours in conjunction with the event, “Saga!!! on ICE”, taking place in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture on the island of Kyushu in November.  Tour participants will be taken to the main spots featured on the anime series with single-day and two-day itineraries available.

Limited transportation options had made it hard for fans to make a “pilgrimage” around all the spots featured in “Yuri!!! on ICE ” but the new tour looks set to make this much easier.  Fans will ride on an original “Yuri!!! on ICE” bus as they are guided around Karatsu, the real-life city upon which the anime’s fictional “Hasetsu City” is based.  Episodes 1 - 4 of the series will be screened on the bus during the tour.  Fans who join the tour will receive special “schedules” featuring comments from voice actor Toshiyuki Toyonaga, the voice behind the anime’s central character, ice skater Yuri Katsuki.

Two-day itineraries allow fans to experience “Ice Castle Hasetsu” (real name Iizuka Ice Palace), the scene of the anime’s ice skating drama, which will be decorated exactly same as the rink featured in the anime series.  November 29 will see a birthday event for main character, Yuri, with voice actor Toyonaga delivering a special video message.