An indoor theme park in Tokyo will be covered with "poop" next week as it has tied up with a children's workbook on Japanese kanji writing which includes a heavy dose of toilet humor.

Namco Ltd.'s Namjatown in the busy Ikebukuro district will feature from July 20 through Aug. 31 food and attractions themed with "Unko Sensei," or Mr. Poop, the bright-yellow character with glasses and a moustache that appears in the hugely successful six-book "Unko Kanji Drill" series.

Unko (Poop) Sensei-Curry (Supplied Image)

(Supplied Image)

The theme park will sell seven different dishes, including "Unko Sensei's sweet curry," priced at 980 yen ($8.6) and "Unko Sensei cotton candy," at 700 yen, while a kanji-learning attraction will allow participants to fight "Unko Dragon" by solving kanji problems.

The concept of the curry fits with a well-known Japanese playground "ultimate choice" question - would you rather eat poop-flavored curry or curry-flavored poop?

The kanji workbooks covering 1,006 characters taught at elementary schools have become a huge sensation among young students by using the word "poop" in every single example sentence.

Like the workbook, Namjatown website says, "Let's fill inside Namjatown with poop."

Ticket prices start at 300 yen for children.