Another 29 people associated with the ongoing Tokyo Olympics have tested positive for COVID-19, the games' organizing body said Friday, lifting the total since the start of July to 382.

No athletes or people staying in the athletes' village tested positive. Of the 29, 25 were residents of Japan and the remaining four from overseas, the organizing committee said.

Most of the newly confirmed cases involved workers contracted for the games, a trend seen in recent days despite the daily count hitting a record 31 on Thursday. The 17-day games end on Sunday.

The Olympics are being held at a time when Tokyo, along with some other areas of Japan hit by surging COVID-19 cases, is under a state of emergency.

Daily reported cases on Thursday hit a record 5,042 in the Japanese capital.

Despite no causal link found, it is a "natural" development that the number of cases involving residents of Japan associated with the games is somewhat increasing as the daily count in Tokyo is surging, said the organizing committee's spokesperson Masanori Takaya.

"It may not be possible to bring risks to zero but the important thing is to respond quickly and appropriately to what happened," he said. "Then we can have a safe and secure games. That is our consistent message."

Prior to the opening of the Olympics on July 23, public opposition over going ahead with the major sporting event this summer was strong in Japan as the government of Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga struggled to rein in infections.