Athletes and staff at the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games will be asked to follow rules such as wearing masks at all times and practicing social distancing to prevent infection with the novel coronavirus during the events, sources familiar with the matter said Wednesday.

The planned measures, presented earlier this month by the local organizing committee at a meeting with the International Olympic Committee and other bodies, will also ask that they avoid the "3Cs" -- closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings, the sources said.

The organizing committee and the central and Tokyo metropolitan governments plan to release a midterm progress report on Dec. 2, focusing on measures to ensure the games' safety.

Athletes and staff will be asked to wear masks at all times, except during competitions and meals, and to maintain a distance of at least two meters outdoors when possible, according to the sources. The organizers will call for caution against heatstroke at the same time.

Face shields will not be considered as a substitute for face masks. They can be used alongside other protective measures, the sources said.

The rules will emphasize that just wearing a face mask is not sufficient to stave off the virus and that it is necessary to generally maintain a distance of at least one meter but preferably two.

To avoid the 3Cs, the organizers will take steps to eliminate poorly ventilated and crowded places. Indoor venues will be ventilated at least every 30 minutes, according to the plan.

In the Olympic Village, people will only be allowed to stay at its cafeteria for 30 minutes for breakfast and one hour for lunch and dinner to prevent infections. To avoid congestion, they will receive daily menus on their smartphones, the sources said.