Two more ticket lotteries for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be held for residents of Japan, after millions missed out in the first draw, organizers said Thursday.

The next lottery, in August, will be a "second chance" for those who were not allocated tickets when the results of the first one were announced on June 20, and will largely be for qualifiers and first-round events.

Since the lottery is only open to those who failed to obtain any tickets the first time around, people will only be allowed to apply for one session in a bid to keep the process fair. The window will close by Aug. 22, when the application process for the Paralympic tickets is scheduled to begin.

A third Olympic lottery, open to all residents, will be held in the autumn.

(Opening ceremony of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics)

Organizers have ditched plans to offer unsold tickets in the autumn on a first-come, first-served basis, due to worries about a repeat of the heavy website traffic in the first draw.

Applicants experienced website connection problems at the beginning and end of the first application period, which ran from the morning of May 9 to noon on May 29, having been extended by 12 hours at the end to cope with demand.

More than 7.5 million people entered the first lottery, while the ticketing site saw 24.25 million visits during that period.

Despite there being a finite number of tickets, organizers have been discussing ways to satisfy those who were awarded none, did not get the ones they desired, or want to buy more.

The number of fan IDs registered comes close to the total number of tickets available, which Tokyo 2020 organizers have said is approximately 7.8 million.

Remaining tickets will be sold at booths across Tokyo in spring or summer 2020.