Voting to determine the official mascots of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics started at Japanese elementary schools nationwide on Dec. 12, with the ballot boxes to stay open until Feb. 22, 2018.

The three finalist pairs were unveiled last week following a selection process that began in August, and 6,356 schools preregistered to be able to vote. The winning designs will be announced Feb. 28.

On Monday in Tokyo, students at Fuchu Keyakinomori Gakuen, a special needs school, and Tobitakyu Elementary School opened their classrooms to the media as children decided on their choice of mascots. 

3D models of the three pairs of shortlisted designs on display at Fuchu Keyakinomori Gakuen - (from left) A, B and C.

First to third grade students at Keyakinomori begin discussing what they like about each design.

Students getting a firsthand feel for the mascots...

Their teacher summarizing the positives of the three finalists.

Fourth-grade students at Tobitakyu Elementary School all in on the big debate...

Students state the case for their pick...

And the vote is in - it's B!

From left, Kae Nakamura, Ray Kobori and Sota Fukuda pose with a panel of the shortlisted designs.