The organizing committee of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics sent out information to elementary schools nationwide about the games' official mascot on Monday, ahead of a vote for the final selection.

The organizers sent postcards to over 21,000 schools in Japan with details about the voting process including an ID and password to participate in the step that begins in December.

The mascot screening panel at the committee will announce three candidates on Dec. 7, and elementary school classrooms will cast ballots from Dec. 11 to Feb. 22 to decide on the final design.

Takeshi Natsuno, a panel member and a guest professor at Keio University, said that having a say in the judging of the mascot will be a great opportunity to learn about the Olympics and Paralympics.

"I think there's no reason (for schools) not to participate in such an amazing experience, it's the best way to learn (about the games)," Natsuno said. "I want about 10 percent of the schools to cast their votes."

The final design will be announced around February to March.