The organizers of the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang held a ceremony Friday to celebrate the completion of the two athletes' villages that will house about 6,500 people during the games.

"We have prepared accommodation where the athletes can get comfortable like they do at home," said Yeo Hyung Koo, the secretary general of the organizing committee, at the ceremony.

"Construction of all of the facilities is finished and we would like to spend the rest of our time (before the games) setting the mood and improving services for the athletes and the audience," Yeo said.

The village in Pyeonchang will host athletes competing in snow events -- such as Alpine skiing and ski jumping -- in the mountain cluster. The village in Gangneung will be home for athletes contesting ice events -- such as figure skating and ice hockey -- in the coastal cluster.

The Pyeonchang village, which will house 3,500 athletes during the Olympics, is made up of eight 15-floor buildings, with apartments of 65, 75 and 85 square meters. Six to eight athletes will share one apartment during the Feb. 9-25 Olympics.

In order to accommodate more than 2,000 guests in the March 9-18 Paralympics, the rooms in the Pyeongchang village contain features such as arm rails in bathrooms for improved accessibility.

The Gangneung village, which consists of nine 25-storey buildings, will host more than 2,900 people for the Olympics only.