Wireless translator earphones in the shape of the beloved Japanese mushroom-shaped chocolate snack "Kinoko no Yama," sold as "Chocorooms" in the United States, will hit the shelves this week, food manufacturer Meiji Holdings Co. said Monday.

Only 3,500 units of the devices, which can translate 74 languages alongside having conventional earphone functions such as enabling users to listen to music, will go on sale at noon Tuesday on "Makuake," a website that promotes new merchandise, at the price of 29,800 yen ($190).

The confectionery maker hopes the wearable device will further improve the brand recognition of its mushroom-shaped snack, which has a crispy biscuit stem capped with rich chocolate on top and is currently sold in about 10 countries, including Singapore and the United States.

Photo taken in Narita, Chiba Prefecture, on March 25, 2024, shows wireless earphones designed after Meiji Holdings Co.'s chocolate snack "Kinoko no Yama." (Kyodo)

Two people can have a conversation while speaking different languages by each plugging one of the "mushroom cap" buds into their ears, according to the company.

The device's case is designed to look like the "Kinoko no Yama" snack's real box.

The company decided to launch the earphones after receiving positive reactions to the idea on the X social media platform last July.

A Meiji official said the company also plans to launch another project involving "Takenoko no Sato" or "Chococones" in the United States -- a similar chocolate snack shaped like a bamboo shoot -- around August.

The upcoming project will probably not be related to selling gadgets, the official said.