Switzerland has its first-ever vending machine stocked with collectible trading cards from Pokemon and other popular games.

The "Collectomat" machine began operating Saturday at a popular shopping mall in Zurich. It also offers cards featuring the Japanese megahit comic and animated TV series "One Piece."

Trading cards are generally sold at toy stores in Switzerland. The vending machine sells a package of cards for 1.50 to 49.90 Swiss francs ($1.70 to $56.70).

A man is seen selecting some merchandise from a vending machine that sells collectible trading cards in Switzerland on Feb. 24, 2024. (Kyodo)

The products include limited-edition items from Japan, said Nico Paris, the operator of the machine.

"I took inspiration from Japan and created my own high-tech vending machine for cards," Paris, 32, said. By expressing his enthusiasm for the venture, he added, "First, I would like to expand here in Switzerland, then maybe to Germany."

The packs of cards are visible in the vending machine, which is about 2 meters tall, 1.30 meters wide, and 90 centimeters deep, and they are transferred to the machine's outlet by lift so as not to damage the cards by dropping them.

During the opening ceremony, customers mainly purchased the "mystery bag" that sold for 49.90 Swiss francs, lured by the promise that some contained rare cards worth more than the bag's retail value.

"I wish to extend my collection and the cards are cheaper in the vending machine than in stores," said Juan Robles, 34, the machine's first customer.

The machine, equipped with safety measures, ensures a seamless and secure purchasing experience, marking a significant development in Switzerland's collector community.

"When you are an adult, you buy the things that you dreamed about as a child. Now I do not have the time to play (card games) but I am trading my cards with the grading companies' certificate," Gianvito Casata, a 35-year-old Swiss cosplayer, said.