Stablemaster Miyagino, former yokozuna Hakuho, returns to his stable after attending a Japan Sumo Association compliance committee in Tokyo on Feb. 21, 2024. (Kyodo)

Record-setting former yokozuna Hakuho will likely be demoted and fined by the Japan Sumo Association over reports of repeated violence by his 22-year-old protege Hokuseiho, a JSA source told Kyodo News on Wednesday.

The JSA will hold an emergency board meeting on Friday to discuss the recommendation that the Mongolian-born, Hokkaido-raised Hokuseiho retire. Hokuseiho, who fought as No. 8 rank-and-file maegashira in January, is said to have physically abused lower-ranking stablemates.

Hakuho won a record 45 grand sumo tournament championships. He is currently known as sumo elder Miyagino and is Hokuseiho's stablemaster.

The JSA's compliance committee on Wednesday questioned Miyagino's supervisory ability and proposed he be demoted to the lowest of the JSA's ranks for sumo elders, excluding the rank for those rehired after the age of 65.

Hokuseiho returns to his Miyagino stable after attending a Japan Sumo Association compliance committee in Tokyo on Feb. 21, 2024. (Kyodo)

Demotion is the third most severe punishment out of seven for JSA members, behind dismissal and a recommendation for retirement.

Miyagino and Hokuseiho were both present at Wednesday's meeting. A source said the stablemaster claimed to be unaware of the problem, and that Hokuseiho is willing to retire.

Mongolian-born Hakuho retired in September 2021 before taking over his stable in July 2022.

The 204-centimeter Hokuseiho has been seen as a strong prospect. He pulled out of January's New Year meet on the sixth day due to a knee injury. A source said allegations of violence surfaced at that time, prompting a JSA investigation of the stable.

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