Episode 17: Don't come to Shibuya for Halloween!

What are you getting dressed up as for Halloween?

Three Kyodo News journalists – Yamaguchi-san, Eduardo and Su-san – talk about a recent press conference by the mayor of Tokyo's Shibuya Ward, during which he implored people to stay away from the area on Halloween to avoid overcrowding and a potential catastrophe. Listen as they discuss their own experiences with fall festivities and brainstorm unique costume ideas.

Article mentioned in the podcast:

Tokyo's Shibuya mayor says "Don't come" for Halloween

Kyodo News presents a bilingual podcast for English learners about the ins and outs of news writing and how to translate tricky Japanese phrases into English. Have fun listening to journalists discuss recent articles as they occasionally go off on unrelated tangents.

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Crowds swamp a scramble crossing in Tokyo's Shibuya on Halloween as police officers stand guard to maintain order on Oct. 31, 2022. (Kyodo)