Yuichiro Tamaki was re-elected on Saturday as the head of the Japanese opposition Democratic Party for the People, as he faces the task of dealing with his party's relationship with the ruling camp ahead of a possible Cabinet reshuffle sometime this month.

"We will cooperate beyond ruling and opposition parties toward the implementation of our policies," Tamaki, 54, said at a press conference after beating the party's acting chief, Seiji Maehara, in the leadership election.

Tamaki, whose term is until the end of September 2026, scooped up 80 points, more than the majority necessary to win out of the 111 points allocated to the voters, while Maehara garnered 31 points.

Yuichiro Tamaki holds a press conference in Tokyo on Sept. 2, 2023, after being re-elected as the head of the Japanese opposition Democratic Party for the People. (Kyodo)

To achieve his party's policies, Tamaki, who has led the party since 2020, has not ruled out the possibility of coordinating with the Liberal Democratic Party, headed by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, and its junior coalition partner Komeito.

Maehara, 61, meanwhile, has sought to unite opposition forces to engineer a change in administration in a framework without the LDP and the Japanese Communist Party.

But Tamaki, when asked whether he was sounded out about joining the LDP-Komeito coalition, said there was "no such approach at all."

The five-term House of Representatives member also said he has no plans to become a Cabinet member, alluding to the potential reshuffle.

Tamaki won across the board with sitting Diet members and prospective candidates for the next lower house election. He also gained support including from local assembly members and the rank-and-file members.

The party currently has 21 Diet members.