North Korea rapped Sunday the International Maritime Organization for adopting a resolution criticizing it over its recent attempt to launch a satellite, saying it will no longer give advance notice on such launches, the official Korean Central News Agency said.

Since the IMO responded to North Korea's advance notice of the launch with such a resolution, "We will regard this as its official manifestation of stand that the DPRK's advance notice is no longer necessary," said Kim Myong Chol, who was described by KCNA as an "international affairs analyst" of the country.

DPRK is the acronym for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, North Korea's formal name.

Photo taken on May 31, 2023, by the Korean Central News Agency shows a "military reconnassance satellite" being launched at the Sohae Satellite Launching Ground in Tongchang-ri, North Korea. (KNS/Kyodo)

Kim also said the IMO is "degrading its international reputation as a prestigious U.N. expert body under the pressure of the U.S. high-handed and arbitrary practices, not to talk about the DPRK's sovereignty right."

North Korea attempted to launch a military reconnaissance satellite into orbit on Wednesday but it ended in failure due to "serious defects." Pyongyang has vowed to attempt a new launch soon.

The North had notified the Japan Coast Guard of three maritime danger zones in which an object could land during the intended launch period between Wednesday and June 11.

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