Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Sunday that the eastern city of Bakhmut remains under his country's control, despite Russia's claim to have captured it.

Earlier in the day, Zelenskyy's remarks in English in Hiroshima, at a meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden, had stirred some confusion.

But at a press conference, held after joining the Group of Seven summit, he flatly denied the loss of the besieged city, saying in Ukrainian through an interpreter, "I clearly understand what is taking place in Bakhmut."

"I think no ... Bakhmut is only in our hearts," he said when asked just after his opening statement at the meeting by a reporter whether Bakhmut is still in Ukraine's hands as Russia says it has taken the city.

U.S. President Joe Biden (R) and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy shake hands in Hiroshima on May 21, 2023. (Photo courtesy of the Ukrainian presidential office)(Kyodo)

Biden promised him that the United States will continue to back Ukraine in defending itself against Russia, announcing an additional package for Ukrainian forces worth $375 million, including ammunition, artillery and armored vehicles.

"What the people of Ukraine are defending, what you've achieved is a matter for the entire world to observe," Biden said. "Together, with the entire G-7, we have Ukraine's back. And I promise we're not going anywhere."

Biden also directly told Zelenskyy that he earlier this week gave his approval for Ukrainian pilots to be trained to fly F-16 fighter jets as requested by the war-torn country.

Zelenskyy said Ukraine is "thankful to American people" for their help, including the new package, adding, "We'll never forget."

The meeting took place a day after Zelenskyy arrived in the Japanese city, where world leaders from the G-7 major industrialized democracies held discussions.

Among other points, the White House said the two leaders discussed ongoing efforts to bolster Ukraine's air defenses.

Later in the day, speaking at a press conference, Biden said he had received a "flat assurance" from Zelenskyy that the F-16 fighter jets, which European countries may provide, would not be flown into Russian territory.

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