Ozeki Takakeisho had a resounding win to keep his yokozuna promotion hopes alive after five days of the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament as four wrestlers including komusubi Daieisho maintained their perfect records Thursday.

Takakeisho (3-2) responded to Wednesday's damaging defeat in promising fashion, going head-on and bulldozing No. 2 maegashira Ryuden (1-4) out in a flash at Edion Arena Osaka.

Takakeisho (L) beats Ryuden on the fifth day of the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament on March 16, 2023, at Edion Arena Osaka, western Japan. (Kyodo)

The New Year meet champion, who can reach the sport's highest rank with a title here, is the highest-ranked wrestler at this tournament with sole yokozuna Terunofuji remaining out of action following double knee surgeries in October.

Daieisho (5-0) was at his bullish best as he pushed out No. 1 Shodai (3-2), whose promising start to the meet stood in sharp contrast to the former ozeki's lackluster recent performance at the sport's second highest rank.

Daieisho (L) defeats Shodai on the fifth day of the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament on March 16, 2023, at Edion Arena Osaka, western Japan. (Kyodo)

Diminutive No. 5 Midorifuji (5-0) forced out No. 6 Sadanoumi (1-4) after quickly seizing a left overarm belt hold. No. 7 Takayasu (5-0) kept tricky No.8 Ura (3-2) away from his belt before thrusting him down. No. 10 Nishikifuji powerfully floored No. 9 Hiradoumi (2-3) with a right overarm throw.

Makuuuchi debutant Hokuseiho, however, suffered his first top-tier defeat, against former sekiwake Ichinojo, who is currently unbeaten in the second tier as a No. 3 juryo wrestler. The September 2022 champion outlasted Hokuseiho before ending their marathon bout with a force-out.

Kotonowaka (4-1) beat Tobizaru (3-2) with a pushout in a bout lasting 30 seconds.

Sekiwake Kiribayama (3-2) stumbled to defeat against No. 4 Onosho (4-1), while sekiwake Hoshoryu (2-3) also lost as No. 3 Nishikigi got his first win with an armlock throw.

Sekiwake Wakatakakage (0-5) appeared to have ended his losing start by flooring No. 3 Mitakeumi (2-3) with a left overarm throw, only for ringside judges to overturn the referee's decision after finding the sekiwake's right knee had touched down earlier in the bout.

Komusubi Wakamotoharu (3-2) withstood attacks to his throat from No. 1 Tamawashi (1-4) before slapping the veteran down.