China's Communist Party praised Wednesday its achievements over the past five years in bringing stability to Hong Kong, blocking the independence of Taiwan and controlling the COVID-19 pandemic ahead of its twice-a-decade congress due to start this weekend.

A communique released by the ruling party after a four-day meeting of senior members in Beijing, at which they made final arrangements for the congress to be convened on Sunday, confirmed the "decisive significance" of leader Xi Jinping's unswerving power and authority being cemented, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

It said under Xi's leadership, the situation in Hong Kong has achieved "a major transition from chaos to governance" and the party demonstrated its "strong determination and capability" to oppose Taiwan independence.

The party also coordinated the prevention and control of the COVID outbreak without harming economic and social development, the communique said.

At the 20th National Congress of the party, Xi is widely expected to secure an unprecedented third five-year term as party general secretary.

Wording that indicates his prominent status is projected to be included in an amended party constitution, according to several party sources.

The seventh plenary session of the Communist Party's 19th Central Committee discussed and adopted a work report to be delivered by Xi at the congress and an amendment to the party constitution, Xinhua said. The work report will outline basic policies as well as development goals of the party and the nation through 2027.

Beijing has been tightening its grip in Hong Kong, a semiautonomous region of China, after large-scale protests against an unpopular bill morphed into a pro-democracy movement in 2019.

China has also increased its military pressure on Taiwan, a self-ruled democratic island that Beijing regards as a renegade province to be reunified by force if necessary.

To stem coronavirus infections, China has been implementing a radical "zero-COVID policy" involving the imposition of lockdowns on cities when outbreaks occur and quarantine periods on travelers from abroad.

On Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the communique said the party "properly responded to the risks and challenges brought by the Ukraine crisis."

China has refrained from criticizing Russia's aggression against Ukraine, while opposing sanctions imposed mostly by Western nations. Beijing and Moscow have been reinforcing cooperation lately as their relations with the United States have deteriorated.