Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has urged his Ukraine counterpart to resolve its conflict with Russia through dialogue days after Moscow launched an invasion of the Eastern European nation.

Wang told Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba during their phone talks Tuesday that China "supports all constructive international efforts that are conducive to a political solution," while voicing concern over the harm to civilians, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

Kuleba was quoted by the ministry as telling Wang that Ukraine is placing top priority on ending the war with Russia and it hopes China will help to mediate a cease-fire.

The leadership of Chinese President Xi Jinping has called on all countries involved in the Ukraine crisis to remain rational and avoid taking measures that will exacerbate tensions, in apparent consideration of its relations with Russia.

Beijing has also reiterated that it understands Moscow's security concerns related to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. On Feb. 4, Xi and Russian President Vladimir Putin opposed the expansion of NATO, with Russia demanding the security alliance pull back troops and weapons from Eastern Europe.