The government plans to ease restrictions on attendance at large-scale events, such as sports games and concerts, from next week in response to a steady decline in coronavirus cases across Japan, sources familiar with the matter said Wednesday.

Currently the maximum number of spectators allowed at such events is limited to 10,000 or 50 percent of venue capacity.

The government will lift Monday the 10,000 cap imposed in Tokyo and 26 prefectures, which were under a state of emergency or a quasi-state of emergency through last month, the sources said. It will maintain the 50 percent limit for some time throughout the country.

The policy will be finalized after being discussed by a government subcommittee on the coronavirus response as early as Thursday, the sources said.

The government is also expected to consider ways to further ease restrictions, including the possibility of allowing full venues under certain conditions, and present them next month when it compiles its COVID-19 response.

The conditions may include requiring spectators to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test, the sources said.