A foreign Paralympian has been hospitalized after contracting COVID-19, the first such case among athletes either at the Tokyo Olympics or Paralympics, the games organizing committee said Thursday.

Masanori Takaya, spokesman for the committee, told a press briefing the athlete, who was hospitalized Tuesday night, is not in a "serious condition."

The committee on Thursday confirmed another 13 positive COVID-19 cases linked to the Paralympics, which brought the cumulative total from Aug. 12 to 275.

A medical examination room in the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic athletes' village for those with a fever is shown to the media on June 20, 2021, amid concern over coronavirus infections. (Kyodo) ==Kyodo

Also, International Paralympic Committee spokesman Craig Spence said that Belgian wheelchair tennis player Joachim Gerard has been hospitalized after fainting in the athlete village, possibly due to a cardiac issue.

Gerard, 32, regained consciousness and was able to answer questions after he was rushed to a hospital on Wednesday evening, according to a statement released by the Belgium National Paralympic Committee.

Gerard competed at the Tokyo Paralympics, losing in the men's doubles quarterfinal and singles third round on Monday.

The 17-day Olympics closed on Aug. 8 and the 13-day Paralympics will wrap up on Sunday.

The Tokyo Games are being held mostly without spectators amid another wave of COVID-19 infections and at a time when the Japanese capital and many other areas of the country remain under a state of emergency.