White matter has been found in more unused vials of Pfizer Inc.'s COVID-19 vaccine in and around Tokyo, with all of them from the same lot as those reported the previous day, the local governments said Wednesday.

The vials containing white floating matter and belonging to lot FF5357 were discovered at vaccination sites in Hino, western Tokyo, and Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture. The reports follow those made Tuesday by the cities of Sagamihara and Kamakura, both in Kanagawa Prefecture, and Sakai in Osaka Prefecture.

Photo shows vials of Pfizer Inc.'s COVID-19 vaccine at a hospital in Iwamizawa, Hokkaido, northern Japan, on Feb. 19, 2021. (Kyodo) ==Kyodo

Pfizer's Japanese subsidiary said at a press conference Wednesday that the matter, likely ingredients that have not fully dissolved, did not affect the safety or quality of the vaccine.

The doses can be safely administered if the white floating matter dissolves once diluted, according to the company, which added 95 vials had been reported as containing the matter as of Sept. 5.

The company said it is currently investigating the ingredients of the vaccine in the affected lot.

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