The J-League is considering allowing fans with proof of COVID-19 vaccinations or negative test results to attend games in addition to the number of spectators permitted under its current cap, sources close to the matter said Tuesday.

The League Cup final on Oct. 30 at Saitama Stadium and other fixtures are being viewed as stages to test the new arrangement. The sources said on top of the number of spectators currently allowed, extra seats would be prepared for those with certification.

Under a state or quasi-state of emergency, the number of spectators is capped at 5,000, or less for venues where half of capacity falls below that figure.

The cap remains in place for a month after the lifting of a state or quasi-state of emergency, with the limit then raised to 10,000, or less for smaller venues.

Clubs have been hit by the loss of ticket revenue during the pandemic and the league is hoping to gradually lift its cap following the tests.