Another 10 people associated with the ongoing Tokyo Paralympics have tested positive for COVID-19, the games' organizing body said Saturday, with the cumulative total reaching nearly 300 in three weeks.

Of the 297, those tested positive for COVID-19 were mostly contractors. As for the daily count, the committee said no athletes tested positive for the fourth straight day, and nine of the 10 were contractors.

The Tokyo Paralympics mascot Someity disinfects the starting area before swimming competitions begin on Aug. 3, 2021, at Tokyo Aquatics Centre. (Kyodo)

After being infected with COVID-19, a Paralympian from overseas was hospitalized Tuesday night, the first such case among athletes either at the Tokyo Olympics or Paralympics. The committee, however, said Saturday the Paralympian has already been released from the hospital.

The committee started releasing daily COVID-19 cases linked with the Paralympics on Aug. 12. The 13-day global sporting event for people with disabilities, which kicked off about a month after the Olympics, will wrap up on Sunday.

If combined with the cases related to the Olympics since July 1, the accumulative total of the Tokyo Games is 844.

That figure does not include COVID-19 cases reported by central and local governments.

The Summer Games have been held amid another wave of coronavirus infections in Tokyo and many other parts of Japan that remain under a state of emergency.