A Kagawa Prefecture transport company is offering a virtual "udon" tour, taking people to some of the western Japan region's famous noodle-related spots by taxi and combining it with the delivery of ready-to-cook food packages to complete the experience.

With the coronavirus still a concern, the tour will use the Zoom app to take participants to a century-old udon restaurant as well as a factory that makes traditional Japanese fish cakes on June 5 and July 17.

The online tour will take place after special packages of udon and other food products are delivered to tourers' homes.

A set of two servings of "udon" noodles plus some tempura made from local ingredients to be delivered to virtual tourists' homes.

Amid coronavirus restrictions keeping people at home, Kotohira Bus Co. in August last year launched an online version of its taxi tour that takes in local udon restaurants in the town of Kotohira.

In the new tour offering, taxi drivers well-versed in so-called Sanuki udon start the journey from nearby Takamatsu airport, taking in visits with the two partners in the city of Kanonji. Sanuki is the region's pre-modern name and gives the udon their specialty name.

After taking delivery of two servings of udon noodles plus some "tempura" fries made from local ingredients, participants can eat during the journey, giving them a real taste of the region.

Participants will also be schooled on how to prepare the cold udon correctly with the dipping sauce, helped by the owner of the noodle restaurant, all for 4,980 yen ($45.8).

The Shikoku Shimbun

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