A HondaJet small business aircraft will be put on permanent display at an aviation and science museum in northeastern Japan, according to the facility that will reopen later this month.

Misawa Aviation & Science Museum in Aomori Prefecture will display from April 20 the first successfully flown HondaJet, the Honda Motor Co. private aircraft.

Photo taken April 2, 2021 shows the first successfully flown HondaJet to be displayed at Misawa Aviation & Science Museum in Aomori Prefecture. (Kyodo)

Developed for technical demonstration by the Japanese automaker's Honda Aircraft Co. unit in the United States, it successfully flew in 2003.

It was donated to Aomori Prefecture, where Honda Aircraft President Michimasa Fujino grew up as a child, according to the prefectural government, which runs the museum.

The fuel-efficient business jet is known for its distinctive design with engines mounted above both wings, creating more space for passengers.

The HondaJet was the best-selling small business aircraft in 2020, the fourth straight year it led the worldwide rankings. The first jet was delivered in 2015 and over 170 are in operation across the globe.

"This is the only place where you can learn about its historical development, technology and see the real jet," said Kazutoshi Oi, a Honda Aircraft official in charge of the exhibit.

Meanwhile, a full-size model of the Japanese space agency's Hayabusa2 probe, which successfully returned to Earth samples from the Ryugu asteroid in December, will be displayed in the museum's new space exhibit area.

Visitors can also try out a training apparatus used by astronauts to prepare them for the experience of weightlessness.

The museum, which opened in 2003, has been closed for renovations since last December. Construction costs for the renewal totaled around 590 million yen ($5.35 million).