Coronavirus infections showed no signs of slowing in Japan as the Tokyo metropolitan government on Tuesday reported 309 new cases and the nationwide tally exceeded 1,000 again.

The latest figures come a day after 258 new cases were confirmed in the capital and 966 cases across the country. Tokyo logged 292 cases on Sunday and a record daily increase of 472 on Saturday. The nationwide figures had topped 1,000 for five straight days through Sunday.

The daily figures announced by local governments reflect the most recent totals reported by health authorities and medical institutions.

In Tokyo, high numbers were recorded from late July. The average number of daily new infections for the week through Tuesday has reached 344.4 and the cumulative total now stands at over 14,000 in the capital.

People in their 20s and 30s accounted for around 62 percent of Tuesday's cases in the capital, but the virus has been slowly spreading to older individuals.

A total of 23 infections were also confirmed among those in their 70s to 90s on Tuesday.

The metropolitan government has raised its alert for the pandemic to the highest of four levels, meaning "infections are spreading," with Gov. Yuriko Koike warning Tokyo city authorities may declare an emergency.

Tokyo has requested that karaoke venues and establishments serving alcohol close by 10 p.m., which came into effect on Monday and will continue through the end of August, to mitigate the spread of the virus.

It plans to pay 200,000 yen ($1,900) to each of small businesses abiding by virus-prevention guidelines.

An ordinance mandating the display of stickers certifying that stores or business operators have been carrying out measures against infection took effect last Saturday.

"(The stickers) have the effect of increasing awareness of virus prevention among businesses and customers," Koike said, as she called for stores to increase their cooperation.

Elsewhere, record daily infections were reported in Kanagawa Prefecture and Okinawa.