A 33-year-old woman was arrested Sunday on suspicion of attempting to kill her husband with a crossbow and knife at their home in Kobe, police said.

Miki Tarui is suspected of attempting to shoot her 36-year-old husband with a crossbow arrow while he was sleeping and then slashing him in the neck with a kitchen knife when he woke up, the police said, adding that the arrow just missed the husband's head. The incident occurred at around 6 a.m.

The husband took the knife away from her, after which she then called the police herself to admit stabbing her husband, according to the police. She was arrested at their home.

When and how she obtained the crossbow is not immediately known, they said.

The incident occurred as the prefectural government of Hyogo is considering an ordinance that would require crossbow owners to give their address and name in the wake of a separate case last month in which three people were killed with arrows fired from a crossbow.

In the case, a 23-year-old man was arrested for allegedly killing his mother, younger brother and grandmother and seriously injuring his aunt.

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