Starbucks Coffee Japan Ltd. said Wednesday it will open its first store in the country with sign language ability for hearing impaired customers.

The store will open on Saturday in Kunitachi, western Tokyo, with 19 hearing impaired employees among 25 staff members.

Photo taken June 21, 2020 shows sign launguage training at a new Starbucks store in Kunitachi, western Tokyo. (Supplied photo)(Kyodo)

The new outlet will be the fifth "signing store" globally run by the U.S. coffee chain Starbucks Corp., as it is stepping up efforts to create stores with focus on diversity and inclusion.

The coffee chain offers services in sign language at four stores in Malaysia, the United States and China at present. Some hearing impaired employees in Japan had sought to open their own signing store after the first such store opened in Malaysia in 2016.

"I want everyone, people with or without hearing disability, to enjoy our coffee casually," Eri Otsuka, who engaged in the opening of the new store, said in sign language during an online press conference.

To prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, the new store will hand out numbered tickets for customer entry, with only takeout offered for the time being.

A picture menu for use at a new "signing store" of Starbucks Coffee Japan Ltd. in Kunitachi, western Japan. (Supplied photo)(Kyodo)