Japan Airlines Co. said Wednesday it will ease domestic flight reductions from later this month as it expects a recovery in travel demand following the lifting of a state of emergency over the new coronavirus epidemic in May.

Between next Monday and June 30, JAL plans a reduction of a total of 7,368 flights, a cut of 54 percent from its initial schedule but less than a reduction of more than 70 percent between June 1 and Sunday, according to the airline.

JAL said "slight recovery" in domestic passengers is expected as the government's request for people to avoid crossing prefectural borders ends on June 19, after the state of emergency was lifted for all prefectures by May 25.

JAL will also resume 15 domestic flight services that will be suspended through Sunday due to the coronavirus, including those connecting Tokyo and Akita Prefecture as well as Osaka and Kumamoto Prefecture.

Regarding international flights, JAL will continue to reduce flights by over 90 percent in July as entry restrictions will remain in place across the globe to curb the spread of the pneumonia-causing virus.

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